our pricing

Our two-year subscription fee includes resume/cover letter ongoing development and updates; distribution by email to the US head coaches' inbox (to the states/divisions/colleges that you choose); live links to the college's athletic website page to check out their team and coach; live links to the college’s majors offered and academic requirements website pages to confirm that you are a good academic fit; help buttons and links throughout the entire process; a recruiting timeline, possible questions a coach may ask, questions for you to ask a coach, and a coaches' reply tracking form to continue on your path to recruitment. We also store your files for two years.

During an athlete's path to recruitment, most distribute their resume to approximately 200 college coaches (or more)... so if we take an average of 200, our costs work out to $1.75 per coach. It would be difficult to print a resume, duplicate a DVD and mail to the college coach for that cost.

Initial Sport — two-year subscription fee

349.00 (US or Cdn) plus applicable taxes

Additional Sport

$199.00 (US or Cdn) plus applicable taxes

Additional one-year subscription fee

$99.00 (US or Cdn) plus applicable taxes