what we do for you

  • provide you with a four-year subscription of unlimited resume development/updates as well as database use*
  • guide you step-by-step through the entire process with "HELP" buttons and links
  • provide a detailed list of the information needed to prepare your athletic resume/cover letter (once registration is complete)
  • format your information in one of our resume/cover letter designs including:
    • general information
    • academic information
    • sport-related statistics
    • athletic history
    • overall placement/awards/other achievements
    • tournament/competition history (where applicable)
  • maintain an updated database of all US head coaches. Our databases and links are updated once a year.
  • spell check your cover letter
  • email your resume/cover letter to your distribution list within two days (resumes are usually delivered within a couple hours) — YOUR resume is delivered to the US coaches' inbox from YOUR email address, so the coach will reply directly to you. We also use a professional email service provider that maximizes the deliverability of your emails
  • after distribution is complete, we email your final resume/cover letter, your database (including athletic department phone numbers) for follow-up, a recruiting timeline, possible questions a coach may ask, questions for you to ask a coach, as well as a coaches' reply tracking form for you to continue on your path to recruitment
  • archive your information for four years so you can return to the site, easily input your updated information/statistics and send to additional coaches. You can revise your photos, videos, distribution choice as well as the design.
  • If you have any questions along the way that we have not answered, you can click on the "let's talk" tab and we can personally help you out.

*each coach can only be emailed from eight times during that four-year period as we don't want to annoy the college coaches. We recommend you resend an updated resume once every six months. When/if a coach replies to your resume, you continue the communication through your own email.

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