who we are was created after investing hundreds of hours working with my son to create and distribute his athletic resume/cover letter and recruiting video to US colleges. My business is advertising/graphic design/marketing so I figured... I can market my son.

We had a 20% reply rate, coaches commented how professional his information looked, how everything they needed was included in one email, and how they prefer receiving emails directly from potential recruits.

And the most rewarding part, after speaking to many coaches and travelling to a few schools, my son studied Business Management at a private University in the US, with an 85% combined athletic and academic scholarship.

During our journey, I realized there is not one website for potential recruits that EDUCATES these athletes on the entire process of recruiting YOURSELF to college. You have to dig through many websites to find all the information you need. Your other option is to hire a professional recruiter. A professional recruiter will ask you to gather the same information as you need to prepare for this website. So I'm passing my research and what I've learned on to you.

Our site is a partnership between you and It is an educational results-oriented website that is simple to navigate. You choose the design; input your information; view your resume/cover letter and approve; as well as supply a link to your recruiting video. You choose the states/divisions/colleges from our database where you'd like to send your resume. You can investigate each college team, majors offered and academic requirements (live links are provided). After we distribute your resume (with a live link to your recruiting video) to the US college coaches' inbox, we send you your database (including athletic department phone numbers) so you may call and follow-up. We don't stop there, we also send you a recruiting timeline, possible questions a coach may ask, questions for you to ask a coach, and a coaches' reply tracking form to continue on your path to college recruitment.

You then have four years to continue to update your information/statistics, choose additional coaches and click send again (even changing your design option and distribution choices).

We have revised the website to include a four-year subscription as the student-athletes who were distributing their resume in one large batch were receiving too many replies, and were not able to keep up with replying to the coaches (a good problem, but still a problem). This allows you to take your time, and send to as many colleges as you'd like on the weeks when you are available to reply properly. Our goal is to make this process work for the student-athletes as well as the college coaches.

This website will help you find everything you are looking for to RECRUIT YOURSELF TO COLLEGE. Take a little time to review all the tabs, questions/answers and links on the website, and you will be well on your way.